Let InfoTech create a high-quality audio or video programme or podcast for your business, just like the one above, which was part of a longer programme for ADS Advance and Arabian Aerospace TV.

Now your web site and intranet can have:

  • Business radio programmes
  • Product information
  • Messages from the chief executive
  • Music
  • Shareholder information
  • Audio on demand
  • Webcasts
  • Talking books
  • and much more

We can script and record a whole business radio programme or podcast for your staff, customers or employees, just like the audio examples (right) featuring Sir Trevor MacDonald and Lotus Cars.

We'll plan the programme, provide broadcast-trained journalists, edit it and stream your webcast to your web or intranet site or handle the podcast.

Or what about the video above, created for ADS Advance and Arabian Aerospace TV?

We have also created video programmes for the global finance giant Aviva.These have been distributed around the globe on DVD and streamed on the company's corporate intranet.

Or we can take your own corporate video and stream it on the web for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is InfoTech SoundStream?
A. We offer a business audio and video service, creating broadcast quality programmes and podcasts for your web site or intranet. We arrange the whole programme, including interviews, presenters, background music and much more. We can also convert videos and stream them on your web site or intranet.

Q. How good is the quality?
A. We can provide HD-quality video or CD-quality audio. We can also provide streaming video for web/intranet use (see the example above).

Q. What sort of programmes can you produce?
A. Whatever is required. From 30 sec sales messages to full business programmes.

Q. Can you produce a monthly radio or video programme for staff?
A. Yes, no problem we currently produce the weekly Arabian Aerospace Radio programme.

Q. What video work have you done?
A. Steve has produced video programmes for Aviva, is one of the presenters on Arabian Aerospace TV and also ADS Advance TV.

Q. What other services do you offer?
A. We handle the script writing, digital recording, sourcing incidental music, hiring professional presenters, editing and final production. We can can then stream the audio and video from our servers or yours. We also provide photography and printed/web back-up.

Q. Does the programme have to be listened to via the internet?
A. No. We can create CDs or DVDs as well. The audio and video quality will then be even higher.


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dot Business radio programme
with Lotus Cars

Ansar Ali, Lotus Cars General Manager - UK

dot Interview with
Sir Trevor MacDonald

Sir Trevor MacDonald


What people are saying about the SoundStream service:

  • "Best quality I've ever heard"
  • "Excellent quality and a good interview"
  • "VERY professional presentation and top-flight end-user audio quality."
  • "Well done, very impressed."